About us

We are a pair of enthusiastic and experienced travellers that wish to show you the best of Britain and continental Europe while taking care of the boring stuff such as organising your travel, tickets, hotel bookings and so on.
We are a family-owned business and we have been operating since 2011 with great reviews and many returning
costumers through our private and tailor-made tour programmes.


How did it all

It all started when we organised our first ever tour to a place we hold very close to us: Morocco. We have visited the African country before and thought it was a great place to show others as it was rich with culture and amazing architecture. We love show people a place where it is so different to "back home" and we really enjoy helping people emerse themselves into a
completely different experience. The feedback was highly positive therefore, we started Indigo Travel which
specialises in first time travel, group travel, private tours and tailor-made trips.
So far, we have had thousands of travellers and many people come back and do other tours. We hold very dear the positive experience we provide to others.

Friendly team

We are a team of friendly guides and tour operators that have worked in tourism for over 10 years providing our costumers the best experiences possible while visiting abroad.


Comfortable travel

We ensure our coaches come equipped with modern conveniences such as reclining seats and toilets for the longer trips. Most importantly our drivers and experienced, professional and friendly!


Great stays

We have carefully selected the best hotels to be offered to you during our tours.
As Europe has some of the most expensive stays in the world, some of our hotels are not located right in the centre but, easily do offer easy access by public transport. This twick on your stay is reflected on our prices

Optional tours

Sometimes all you want to do its explore at your own pace and leisure but, we have gathered great optional tours at each of our trips. From river canal cruises to castle
entrances, we got all your options covered when you travel with us.

Unbeatable prices

Whole some tour companies may charge you for optional tours such as an
Amsterdam nightlife tour, we include it in our tours. We have many inclusions such as nightlife tours, castle entrances so you can make most of your travel with us.

Leave it to us

While you enjoy our tour, we are taking care of all the fastidious work that comes with travels: tickets, accommodation, transports, tolls, taxes - we got it covered.